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Heartful Welcome to kind hearted Donors/Foundations/individual

All India Muslim Youth Majlis is a  Non Profit making Society vide registration No.27/1990-91 as per Society's Registration Act 1860(India). Our Majlis was accorded permission to receive Foreign Contribution by FCRA Division, Ministry of Home AffairsGovernment of India, our FCRA Registration Number is 031170478 .


Support Our Programes and involve with Our Causes :


Fund Raising For AIMYM-

There are so many creative and fun ways to raise money and at the same time you will be having fun and helping a good cause. This section will help you with all your fundraising needs.
  • Charity dinners
  • Party’s
  • Sponsored events
  • Public or private collections
  • At workplace

Whatever the event you must remember that you have stay within the legal parameters and adhere to Health & Safety. Remember people will pay to have a good time.


For more information on fund raising ideas and an information pack list please contact AIMYM.


Volunteering with AIMYM


Volunteering is a great way to participate in AIMYM’s work. AIMYM welcomes the valuable support of volunteer's who help us in our effort to change the lives of people around the India who suffer from poverty and injustice around the India.

AIMYM would really appreciate your valuable help. Come and join our team of volunteers and experience the great benefits and rewards and help make a difference.


Why volunteer for AIMYM?
Apart from wanting to work with others to overcome poverty and suffering, there are many different motives that inspire people to volunteer for AIMYM:
  • Students – increase your knowledge, skills and ability within a diverse society;
  • Between jobs – put your knowledge and skills to good use;
  • Retirement – keep yourself active, use your skills and experience in a challenging environment;
  • Special interest/skill – you will have to commit more time but is ideal for those wanting to gain experience in the charity sector;
  • Spare time – a few hours a week to get involved in a challenging and rewarding sector;

Help promote AIMYM
  • In education establishments - helping children understand the complex issues surrounding AIMYM’s work; 
  • In campaign work - raising important issues like Fair Trade and Make Poverty History; 
  • In your place of worship – promote and fundraise; 

How we can help
AIMYM is happy to help you with materials and support for work in your locality.

We can provide:

  • Display materials and posters; 
  • Collection boxes for fundraising; 
  • Sponsorship forms for events; 
  • Materials for Legacy promotion; 
  • Ideas for holding events or dinner evenings; 
  • Updates of projects;

Give Time?


AIMYM has a very flexible approach to your commitment: we want you to be able donate the time that suits you whilst making the best use of the skills and experience you have.


AIMYM does not place volunteers overseas; volunteering is in the India only.


Take part in this cause



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