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Micro Credit is the extension of small, interest-free loans to those in poverty to facilitate entrepreneurial efforts. Microcredit is a tool for socioeconomic development.

Islamic scholars contend that a poor person with a skill or trade should receive adequate Zakat to acquire the necessary tools in order to become self-sufficient. For example, a rancher or herder can be given enough livestock to earn a living. A carpenter may be given tools and a seamstress or tailor can be given sewing machines to support their respective businesses.

Micro credit supports an autonomous organization of the rural and urban poor towards a dynamic and long lasting strengthening of communities from within.


Training program for formation of Self Help Group & Muslim women selling vegetables


Formation of Self-Help groups:

Micro finance is recognized as a key strategy for addressing issues of poverty alleviation and women's empowerment. Access to financial services and the subsequent transfer of financial resources to poor women enable them to become economic agents of change. Women become economically self-reliant, contribute directly to the well-being of their families, play a more active role in decision-making, and are able to confront systemic gender inequalities.

In this regard AIMYM facilitated the concept of SHGs among community women to encourage them to participate in their development and work towards day-to-day problems through small savings. It was a major step to realize economic freedom. 15 SHGs are successfully functioning in the various villages of Pali ganj block in Patna District,under the guidance of Patna District Administration.

The matters of common interest have instilled a sense of unity. The funds created by their own savings helps them meet urgent monetary needs without depending on their men folk or moneylenders.
Most of the women had come out of their homes for the first time. In fact most of them had never spoken in front of the outsiders before. However their confidence was highly inspiring. They all decided to work together to fully utilize this training. We were happy to see that even the men folk, especially their husbands and guardians fully supported them and pledged to help them in setting up small units.

Number of Self-Help groups

Number of Beneficiaries   150 

All these programs will not be success without your help, guidance and patronage.

So, please help us, Allah will sure help you.


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