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Disaster can strike at any time. Without warning, an entire community, town, or nation can be devastated by natural or man-made disasters, calamities can occur instantaneously, or, like economic disasters, can build up over time to consume the most vulnerable members of society.

Through our regional offices,  is able to respond quickly to natural and man-made disasters. Majlis Emergency Relief program acts to alleviate the immediate needs of those who have been overwhelmed by catastrophe with the distribution of aid items.

All India Muslim Youth Majlis Emergency aid items:

  • Food packages
  • Medicine
  • Hygiene packages
  • Temporary shelter

For communities devastated by natural or man-made disasters, emergency aid must be accompanied by development initiatives to decrease the dependence on outside assistance and assist movement towards recovery and self-reliance.

Every year we see large-scale devastation in some of the district in Bihar. The rivers cut their banks and in the process wash away scores of villages, cattle and cause destruction of crops. In the year 2009 Bihar faced one of the most worsen situation due to flood in Saharsa, Supaul, Madhepura and adjacent districts year AIMYM team distributed relief materials in the worst affected villages. In the post flood period there is always a danger of outbreak of large-scale epidemics. 

The government hospitals in these days during nature calamities  are ill equipped to fight the problem. All India Muslim Youth Majlis sent essential medicines like I.V fluid, I.V sets, ORS and Paracetamol and Metrinizol etc to the  flood-affected areas.

All these programs will not be success without your help, guidance and patronage.

So, please help us, Allah will sure help you.


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