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The Aims and objectives of the Majlis shall be as follows:
  1. To promote goodwill, brotherhood, peace and co-operation among the different communities.
  2. To protect and safe guard the interest of minorities, weaker section and poor masses of the Society by popularizing Government scheme and by giving petition, memorandum to the government.
  3. To give social know how to the minorities and other Weaker section of the society.
  4. To manage, maintain and run computer, electronic, technical and non technical institutions and other vocational programmes for unemployed youths in the rural and urban area.
  5. To provide educational awareness, specially for the education of women and children in the area of industrial and scientific education for all classes of the society.
  6. To give loans, scholarships, prizes and monatary assistance to minorities students, weaker section and poor classes of the Society.
  7. To give relief against famine, floods, fire and all kinds of distress and calamities.
  8. To start Teaching institution with job oriented courses & other scheme to root out the economical backwardness of Minority & other weaker section of the Society.
  9. To start various schemes for the benefits of Minority women and women of other weaker section to root out their economical backwardness.
  10. To print, publish and exhibit any books pamphlets; pictures that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the society and object of the Majlis.
  11. To print Organ of the Majlis to popularize the aims and objects of the Majlis.
  12. To bring together and co-operate with the similar existing organisation engaged in similar activities.
  13. To arrange and hold conference, exhibition, meetings, discussion, dramas, mushairas, Kavi sammelan, and to do all lawful acts and things to promote the aim & objective of Majlis in the society.
  14. To provide and maintain library , reading rooms and art gallery and furnish books , magazines, periodicals pictures computer with Internet facility to the all section of the society.
  15. To promote the study, practice and knowledge of Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and other Regional language of the country.
  16. To carry on such other lawful activities as are conductive to the attainment of the objects of the Majlis.
  17. To promote literacy and education with special emphasis on science, medical Science and vocational education,Engineering, B.Ed.,Para Medical, Para Dental, Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic by establishing institutions among the Indian Communities in general and Indian minority communities in Particular.
  18. To promote, guide and encourage educational institution for education specially minority Institutions, to lay emphasis on women education among all weaker section of the Society.
  19. To inculcate a sense of urgency and sense of responsibility in educated citizens and motivate them to make efforts for educating their lesser fortunate brothers and sisters in respect of health care & nursing.
  20. To undertake schemes, programmes, projects and organize symposium, seminars conference as are necessary to implement the aims and objects of the organization.
  21. To make all possible efforts for the social, Economic, educational and cultural upliftment of the Indian communities in general and other Minority communities in Particular.
  22. To provide training to unemployed youth in computer education & training, software, hardware, electronics, electrical, automobile, Safety Management, beautician training and all other skilled development training for their economical development and self employment.
  23. To provide health care facilities to the rural and urban people and run health awareness programme, sanitation programme, AIDS, Cancer, Kalazar, T.B., Hepetitus "B", Leprosy eradication programme and also run health care centre, mobile dispensaries, health checkup centre, vaccination camp, pathology centre, Hospital, opening of Medical College and Research centre. To undertake reaserch &development indifferent fields.
  24. To run environmental awareness programme, plantation programme, sanitation programme, urban and rural area of the society and make aware all kinds of people to use Non-conventional energy and to generate non conventional energy in the urban and rural areas.
  25. To promote, assist, develop, run, organize, manage, sponsor and upgrade agriculture, horticulture, fishery, forestry, sericulture, poultry, dairy, animal husbandry, and all types of agricultural facilities including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and water resources, agro based industries and run watershed development programme.
  26. To organise seminar, meetings, conferences, debates, workshop for the purpose of rural development, National Integration, cultural development, socio economic problem and problem of unemployment and run educational development programme, literacy programme in the society and to work for the welfare of Bidi labour , Child labour, women labour, bounded labour and all types of labour.
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